Tags : A Guide for Traveling with Anxiety

A Guide for Traveling with Anxiety
A Guide for Traveling with Anxiety

Having anxiety should not hinder you from traveling. Anxiety disorders are among the most prevalent mental illnesses in today’s society. While these disorders are treatable, only less than 40% of individuals receive anxiety treatment. But living with anxiety doesn’t mean you can’t get out and explore the world. Here’s what to do if you have fear and want to travel.

Recognize Your Triggers

Start by recognizing your triggers to overcome or cope with anxiety. For some people, the unknown is what triggers their anxiety. The thought of what will happen is likely to start travel anxiety for most people. However, recognizing your triggers will enable you to anticipate and endure them.

Work with Your Travel Anxiety

Instead of working against travel anxiety, work with it. And this means expecting, accepting, and embracing the feelings. An attempt to push your fear away can worsen it. On the other hand, getting that you will feel anxious and then preparing for the experience can reduce its chances of happening. If not, working with travel anxiety can reduce its symptoms’ severity.

Prepare Your Body for Travel Anxiety

Travel anxiety is not something mental. This feeling affects your entire body. Therefore, prepare for this feeling by drinking sufficient amounts of water. Also, nourish the body because travel anxiety can lower your appetite, while your body and mind need the energy to combat it.

Also, try to meditate using an app on your phone. Other techniques that can help travel anxiety include jumping jacks a few minutes before you board the plane. You can also walk down the gangway or do some paced breathing.

You can also practice encouraging and compassionate self-talk, watch something, or try saying the alphabet backward. Any challenging and distracting task can help you combat travel anxiety. And this can include thinking about your food choices. Foods that most people eat can directly affect their ability to regulate moods, including fear, stress, and anxiety.

In addition to these tips, avoid sugar, alcohol, and caffeine when traveling because these can hinder your ability to manage anxiety symptoms. Also, stay nourished if you want to engage in physical activity while traveling.