Month: January 2023

How to Keep Seniors Safe When Traveling

It is critical always to plan ahead of time travel for your healthcare needs, whether you are traveling internationally or just a short distance from home. Therefore, please review these expert tips and recommendations before planning your vacation.

Determine Whether You Need to Update your Vaccinations

In the case of international travel, you may need to undertake certain vaccinations up to six weeks before departure. It is also critical to visit health websites to learn what precautions you and your fellow travelers must take when traveling abroad.

Consult with Your Doctor

Discuss your travel plans with your caregiver because they may have some preventive travel measures for you to follow. They may also request that you come in for a checkup or receive the necessary shots.

When to Take Your Medications

If you are taking medication and will most likely be crossing time zones, consult your healthcare provider about whether you should take your prescriptions at your usual home time zone or switch to the local time zone. Inquire if any new foods you try while traveling may interact with your medications or medical conditions.

Prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

Because of prolonged sitting, older adults are more likely to develop DVT, particularly in the legs. It occurs when blood clots form in the veins, obstructing blood flow. Wearing compressive socks or stockings can aid in the prevention of this condition. Additionally, regular breaks during long-distance travel to exercise their legs can help prevent it.

Take Precautions to Avoid Infection and Dehydration

You can do this by constantly washing your hands after being in crowded places and being picky about what you eat because water and food can both cause illness. Also, when flying, ensure you bring plenty of water because the air inside a plane is dry.

The Bottom Line

Besides the methods discussed in this article, there are numerous ways to keep seniors safe while traveling. Research them to ensure your senior stay safe during your next trip.