Month: April 2019

Reasons to Travel for Short Vacations

Not everybody loves the ideal of long-term travels. In fact, many people want to travel for short vacations for varied reasons. Basically, the idea of being away for long and coming back home to find an overwhelming amount of work waiting for you is not impressive to most people. Here are some of the reasons why some people prefer traveling for short vacations.

Short Vacations are Action Packed

You have a limited time to explore, relax, have fun, and reinvigorate. This makes your short vacation action packed. It also makes the vacation memory filled. When you know that you have a limited time to be away, you focus on doing the most you can during this time. This makes the trip more enjoyable.

You Pack Light

Perhaps, this is the major reason why most people prefer traveling for short vacations. When you know that you will be back after a short time, you pack light. That means you don’t have to struggle with heavy luggage at the airport.

A Great Switch Off

Since you will be back shortly, you don’t have to keep in touch with people at work. You can switch off your phone and stay away from emails for a while. This disconnection from your stressful life enables you to refresh, reinvigorate and recharge.

Enjoy the Rush

You rush to do as much as possible within a limited time. This compels the brain to release the dopamine hormone. This feel good hormone has many benefits for your health. It boosts your overall wellbeing.

Less Expensive

Many people travel for short vacations more often because they are less expensive yet rewarding. A short vacation means staying in a hotel for fewer nights. Thus, you treat yourself to an excellent experience without spending a fortune.

If you’ve never given it a thought, consider traveling for short vacations to enjoy the immense benefits of this option.   

Solo Travel Tips for Teenagers

Traveling alone can be scary for some teens and their parents. However, Mr. Kidney a great trainer over at Physique Personal Training in San Antonio says that it’s possible for teenagers to travel alone as long as they know what to do. Here are useful solo travel tips for teenagers.

Get Travel Advice

Before you travel, get advice when planning the trip. Ask as many questions as possible from your parents. Let them know your worries and help you address them. Get as much information about travel as possible. For instance, know the safe places for lodging at your travel destination. Also know the dangers and risks you are likely to face when traveling alone. Know places to avoid and how to get help when necessary.

Use the Social Media Wisely

Teens form a large percent of the social media users. If you are active on Facebook, Snap Chat, Instagram and Twitters, use them wisely when you travel alone. These social networks provide great ways to connect and keep in touch with friends. However, don’t use the social media to tell everybody where you are and what you are doing. Doing so can make you an easy target for bandits.

Take Personal Safety Measures

When traveling alone, you are responsible for your safety. Therefore, keep your backpack zipped. Also have a buddy system, particularly at night. Avoid illegal activities and limit your alcohol consumption. Do not go to the hotel room or home of a stranger or tell a stranger where you are staying. Spend time in safe places and don’t be quick to trust strangers.

Trust Instinct

If something doesn’t feel right, then it’s probably not right. Therefore, avoid it completely. Listen to what you feel and only do what you are comfortable with.

Have Fun

Teen travel should be fun-filled. Therefore, enjoy your time away having fun. Go snorkeling, sailing, and canyoneering. Do things that make you happy but still act responsibly.

By following these solo travel tips for teenagers, you can have an awesome experience that you will live to remember after the trip.